who she is:
girl in her 20s, new york roots with a breath of midwestern and a hearty dose of everywhere.
student of journalism, literature, common sense, computering, logic, law, and the stars.
cynical idealist, intp, nerd-as-told-by-others, devil’s advocate, thinking aficionado.
fan of the USMNT, coffee, the count of monte cristo, trail mix, irkutsk, semi-colons, and people who think well.

what she does:
irl: publish books, manage stuff, leave the whole creative suite running at once and then complain about computer speed.
here: write about what the world is doing wrong and (occasionally and probably by accident) right.

what she believes:
bias in journalists is inevitable, bias in journalism is deplorable.
liberals and conservatives both regularly employ serious fallacies in thinking and errors in judgment.
and a heck of a lot of other stuff that i’ll get to later.

her existing biases:
not a utilitarian
not a sjw
not a football fan

her caveats:
separate beliefs associated with above biases should not be assumed.
guiltless of the phobias associated with any of the listed biases.
able and willing to entertain two opposing ideas concurrently.
open to conversation on any point listed or unlisted.
skeptical of everything anyway.

full disclosure:
can’t cook,
in love with un-capitalized text but will only use it here for the sake of Actual Professionalism,
doesn’t know the rules of baseball